Washpapa colors & types

Every washpapa type has its own properties.

It is worth comparing them and choosing the most suitable material before buying.

Basic washpapa colors

Washpapa types


Washpapa Standard

is a smooth paper that can be washed and reused. Available in sheets and on a 150 cm wide roll. Thanks to the specific arrangement of cellulose fiber strands impregnated with latex, the paper does not dissolve in water.

Washpapa Standard can be dyed, printed, laminated and glued. You can write on it with permanent markers, paint it, burn it with a burner and stamp it.


Washpapa Aged

is washpapa Standard that undergoes an aging process which results in a leather like texture. It is softer and more flexible to the touch, easier to turn inside out, bend and sew. Available in sheets.

Aged on roll

Washpapa Aged on a roll

definitely different from washpapa Aged in sheets. It is subjected to a different production process, during which it obtains its leather like structure and greater flexibility, making it much easier to sew.

It is 150 cm wide and sold per running meter. Available in black, white, stone, brown, chocolate and sahara colors.


Washpapa Genua

is a very strongly aged washpapa, resembling old leather. It is available in graphite/black, sahara and walnut colors. It is very elegant, flexible, soft and comfortable in sewing.


Washpapa Color

is dyed washpapa Aged. The colors available in the offer are selected from the Pantone palette, our cutomers' suggestions and current trends.

Washpapa Color can be washed. It is soft and flexible. It works well in sewing. It can slightly transfer color - wash it before sewing. The sheets are smaller because they shrink in the dyeing process to a size of approx. 94/142 cm.


Washpapa Shine

is washpapa Standard covered with metallic foil. Available in black, gold, silver and tin colors.

Washpapa Shine should not be machine washed. It can be wiped with a wet sponge. It wears of a bit in bends. New sheet may contain small scratches or chipping of the foil.

Lamina Aged / Standard

Washpapa Lamina Aged / Standard

is washpapa Aged or Standard covered with a glossy foil. Lamina+ is characterized by greater durability.

Washpapa Lamina should not be machine washed. Clean it with a dampened cloth or sponge. Turn it inside out after gently wetting with water.


Washpapa Foil

is a washpapa Standard coated with a structural foil - for example with a snake skin or marbled. It is more durable than laminates. Do not wash it in a washing machine. Clean it with a damp cloth. Turn inside out when wet up.


Washpapa Print

is washpapa Standard printed in UV technology. UV printing does not come off in the wash and it is intense in colors.

The sheets are printed on the whole surface, except for a distance of 2 cm from the rims. UV imprinting gives off a characteristic, intense fragrance which disappears after some time.