Washpapa challenge

Washpapa challenge is not only a challenge and excitement of a creative competition, during which the best DIY designers in Poland compete with each other. It is also an idea to promote DIY, respect for handicraftmen work and  products, and a festival of crazy ideas and creations. So far, 4 editions of this challenge have been held, including one in the spirit of #zerowaste.

Edition IV

In 2019, the Washpapa Challenge was of an educational and social nature, because it was connected to the idea of #zowowaste. Patronage over the event was taken up by Grupa Slow, which promotes #slowfashion, and Professor Katarzyna Schmidt-Przewoźna from SWPS helped us in selecting the winning projects, supporting us with her objective and professional insight.

The participants’ task was to design and prepare any creation using 100% of half of  washpapa sheet. The jury awarded prizes to: @intoo.kb for a beautifully made bag, using hundreds of washpapa stripes; @derdesigne for a set of hand painted beauty cases and @Mrs.skot for a beautifully made hat and a clutch bag. Our social media followers awarded the prize to @just.made for tasteful #zowowaste shopping bags, and @moniqueluczak and @Myhearfeltpiece received a distinction. The prizes in the competition were: a sewing machine sponsored by JUKI Polska, washpapa papers and shopping in our store.

We wonder what the topic of the next edition will be. We cannot wait 😉

Edition III

The third edition of our challenge was all about fashion. The participants had to sew or create any piece of clothing. Among many  amazing pieces such as Madonna corset  made by @tocha_studio, there were also shoes, a hat and even boots. The final three designs included: a ballerina dress made by @just.made, a black, laminated ramones created by @ lelen.eu and a wonderful autumn fascinator by @ Mrs.skot.

Edition II

The next edition involved designing your own washpapa prints. The participants received washpapa sheets printed with their own designs and their task was to sew anything using these sheets . The finalist of this edition was @beta_handmade, who made a hipbag and a wallet from a washpapa sheet hand-painted in insects.

Edition I

The first edition an introduction of washpapa. It was the beginnings of washable paper on the Polish market and the beginning of our company. The participants had to create anything from washpapa.
We were delighted with ingenuity and the presented designs were unique. The winner of the first edition was  Joanka Z. She created a hand engraved washpapa hipbag. Other projects included children’s shoes, a laptop case, a lampshade, a washstand, a handbag and a hand-painted bag.