Fashion revolution

It is time for a fashion revolution!


Fashion Revolution is an organization founded in Great Britain after the tragic events in Bangladesh, which took place on April 24, 2013. The Rana Plaza factory complex in which thousands of people sewed clothes, including for the Polish company LPP, collapsed, causing the deaths of 1,130 factory employees. To commemorate the victims of the catastrophe, the organization has been actively urging representatives of the clothing industry to implement more and more responsible practices since 2013. The global Fashion Revolution movement encourages everyone to join the Fashion Revolution Week campaign on April 24, April 24, and ask clothing companies a simple question: Who made my clothes?

The objective of Fashion Revolution is to celebrate the positive impact of fashion on the world and all the people who contribute to it every day. As a global venture, it also has to reconnect individual elements of the entire supply chain into a whole, where every employee is important and respected for their work. Fashion Revolution Day (April 24) is also supposed to be a moment to ask companies questions about the conditions of their clothing production and ways of raising the standards of production. By celebrating the great and small stories of farmers, factory workers, companies and buyers, consumers and activists, Fashion Revolution shows the rest of the industry that changes are possible.

What can you do as a consumer?

Wear your favorite clothes inside out to point out that you are looking for information about the place of their production, take a picture and post it on social media outlets! If the clothes are manufactured in accordance with the procedures protecting the rights of employees sewing clothing and protecting the environment, tell the story of this brand! If you are not sure in which conditions the clothes were made – ask the producer about it!

Additionally, if you are a student, become an Ambassador at your university and prepare an event for the Fashion Revolution Week. Information on how to become an Ambassador can be found in the guide: Become a Student Ambassador

What can you do as a designer or a clothing company owner?

Take a look at a presentation specially prepared for your area of bussines, showing ideas on how to get involved in the campaign. You can find the materials in the guide for companies: Getinvolved Brands.: Getinvolved Brands

During the last few editions, Fashion Revolution was supported by international stars committed to ethical fashion, including a model Lily Cole and the founder of the Eco Age Foundation – Livia Firth, privately married to the well-known British actor Colin Firth.

In Poland, the campaign was supported by many celebrities and people from the fashion world who took part in the photo shoots promoting the campaign. In 2015, the famous participants included: Ewelina Rydzyńska, Julia Kamińska, Orina Krajewska, Maja Koman, Michał Zaczyński, Harel, Ola Bąkowska and Anna Matysiak.

Ewa Kowalewska-Kondrat, Marta Siniło, Ewa Wojciechowska, Weronika Wawrzkowicz and Michał Zaczyński took part in the latest photo session #whomademyclothes x Love Story. They presented clothes that served them for years, emphasizing their style and making them feel great. Clothes with real Love Story.

The partners of Fashion Revolution in 2017 in Poland edition were:  Slow FashionCracow Fashion WeekSzkoła Artystycznego Projektowania UbioruKOKO world oraz British CouncilMagazyn Moi!.