About us

My name is Kasia. Together with my husband Paweł and Marta, who works with us, we run our company but most importantly we touch important topics from the point of view of our world.

#fashionrevolution & #whomademyclothes

Washpapa is not only a registered trademark that stands for our paper that can be washed and sewn, but also a philosophy, a way of acting and CSR (corporate social responsibility). That is why we join many initiatives, such as #fashionrevolution and #whomademyclothes – because not only what but and how is of great importance to us.


What matters to us is how the materials that we sell are manufactured and in what conditions the people who produce them work. We strive to introduce products of known origin and composition, as well as a transparent production chain. We inform our clients about it in an open manner and we encourage others to do so. It is important for us that our materials have certificates such as FSC or Oeko TEX, and their producers talk openly about where and how they acquire raw materials.


We promote handicrafts not only in the form of sewing and crocheting, but also drawing, graphics or production of stamps.

We run workshops, prepare tutorials and teach paper sewing, which is an alternative to leather.

We support the idea of #slowfashion, #circularfashion and other initiatives aimed at promoting handicrafts or designing products that can be easily recycled or reused in a processed form. We are very close to ideas like #zerowaste, which we promote during our #washpapachallenge 2019 competition. The participants created their projects in the spirit of the #nowaste idea with the intention to serve pro-ecological life. We think about nature, recycling, upcycling. We have created the initiative ‘Give a Second Life to Fabrics’ – a platform with deadstock, unwanted materialas.

Join us!

If you share our values and ideas, join us here, on FB or IG, where we create quite a large group of enthusiasts.

Every small decision has an impact on your life. Each decision leaves a smaller or larger mark. Your everyday decisions affect the lives of others, and their sums imprint on subsequent generations.
You have influence. Live carefully and responsibly. Choose consciously. Decide about your future.


Washpapa is the brand of the first choice not only for vegans. It is a social alternative to the leather.

Our mission

Providing our customers with alternatives in the area of fabrics and materials to create handicrafts and promoting informed and responsible choices, we create habits and consumer attitudes, which have an impact on our future.