arkusz washpapa WZORY standard sahara 100/150 [ZEBRA]
arkusz washpapa WZORY standard sahara 100/150 [ZEBRA]
175,00 zł 145,00 zł
arkusz washpapa WZORY standard stone 100/150 [pośredni BETON]
arkusz washpapa WZORY standard stone 100/150 [pośredni BETON]
149,00 zł 120,00 zł
arkusz washpapa Origami 100/150
arkusz washpapa Origami 100/150
149,00 zł 120,00 zł
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O nas

My name is Kasia. Together with my husband Paweł and Marta, who works with us, we have been promoting not only our company but also raising important topics from the point of view of our world for the last two years.

I would not like it to sound too pompous, but CSR (social responsibility in business) issues have been and will be important to me.

That is why we are so eager to join many initiatives such as:

#Fashionrevolution and #whomademyclothes - because for us not only what but and how is important.

It is important how the materials that we sell are produced and under what conditions the people who produce them are working.

We strive to introduce products of known origin and composition as well as a transparent production chain. We inform our clients in an open manner and we encourage others to do so.

It is important for us whether our materials have certificates such as FSC or Oeko TEX, and their producers speak openly about where and how they obtain the raw material.

We promote handcraft not only in the form of sewing and crocheting, but also drawing, graphics or production of stamps.

We support the idea of #slowfashion, #circularfashion and other initiatives aimed at promoting handcrafts or designing products to be easily recycled or reused in a processed form.

We think about nature, recycling, upcycling - we are at the stage of creating the initiative "Give a Second Life to the Fabric". They will be called Dead Stocki (Deadstock) - a place where we will collect and sell fabrics that nobody wants for any reason. The leftovers of various collection lines, fabrics of the outlet quality. And this in turn is close to the concept of #zerowaste, which we also support.

If all that is important to you - join us here and on FB, IG, where we create quite a large community of enthusiasts.

Also write to us ( about your initiatives and ideas.

We are eager to join ideas that bring something for others.

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